First Financial Security, surviving a flight delay

We expect long lines, so we leave ample time to get to the gate.  But sometimes the universe has other plans, such as an unexpected flight delay.

Let’s face it. Most people don’t look forward to air travel. You may be headed to sun and fun in paradise. But, it’s the actual getting there that is sometimes the truest test of your character.

We expect the long lines and leave ample time to grab a snack and stroll to the gate.  But sometimes the universe has other plans. Two words can elicit a variety of ugly emotions from most-seasoned traveler: FLIGHT DELAY. Or, there is the even more dreadful, FLIGHT CANCELED.

airport flight delays and cancelations, first financial security travel blogDid you know that in 2015, 1.54% of all flights were canceled and more than 18% were delayed? The possibility is always a significant factor, so you need to have a plan for managing your reaction.

There are generally two ways to lean under these circumstances: either, “let’s make the best of it,” or “let’s make this even more miserable than it already is.” It’s your choice. Either way, though, you’re still stranded at the airport.

As you weigh your options, here are some ideas to help busy yourself until your new departure time is posted:

  1. Airports attract the most diverse group of people. Use the delay as a conversation starter. Who knows, you may find your new BFF.
  2. Need to work out some frustration? Go to, where you’ll find a listing of airport gyms, workout clubs, and fitness centers available in the United States an Canada.
  3. Use your newly found free time to catch up on some non-urgent calls. You know, the ones you procrastinate making because you need to dedicate an entire hour to the conversation. ”Hello, Mom…”
  4. there is lots to do at the airport in the midst of a flight delay or cancellationTake a nap. If you’re not a fan of sleeping on the terminal floor with one eye closed and the other on your belongings, try an airport napping center like Minute Suites. You can even arrange for a wakeup call!
  5. Visit the airport lounge. Imagine free Wi-Fi, drinks and snacks while you binge watch all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother in a comfy lounge chair. We bet you didn’t know that most travel programs allow day-pass access for around $50.
  6. Grab a deck of cards and organize a pick-up game of Crazy Eights, Gin Rummy or Slapjack. Not feeling very social? Solitaire will work, too, or even a newspaper crossword puzzle.
  7. Is your stress level building? Treat yourself to a massage or a mani-pedi. Many airports have pop-up kiosks in the terminals, but some also offer private treatment rooms. Check out XpresSpa to locate a premium spa in airports across the country.
  8. Airports in larger cities often showcase temporary art exhibitions and installations. Take some time to leisurely stroll through the public spaces, and learn about the artists, their inspiration, and their work.
  9. Refuel. No one is a happy camper on an empty stomach. From snacks to fine dining, there are many restaurants to choose from in the airport. Gate Guru will help you make the best choice with their list of Top 25 Airport Restaurants.
  10. If all else fails, head over to the airline counter and make new travel plans. The airport is the best place for discount tickets and you’re already packed. After all, spontaneity keeps you young and fun, right?