Once the Seven Seas Mariner clears port, the sleek ship will take those aboard on the trip of a lifetime. As a First Financial Security, Inc. Dream Destination Conference winner, you’ll have the chance to explore Alaska’s wild side.

First Financial Security, Inc. Explore Alaska, Dream Destination Conference 2017Regent Seven Seas offers shore excursions led by Alaskans, who are eager to show you their home state. At every port, you’ll find even more to see and do. The possibility for discovery and inspiration will be endless and also very exciting!

Shore excursions for the 2017 cruise haven’t been announced. But, here are some popular off-boat adventures you might expect on an Alaskan Cruise. *

Visit Exit Glacier and the Alaska Sea Life Center

Visit Kenai Fjords National Park for a walking tour of Exit Glacier. At the Alaska Sea Life Center, meet native puffins, sea lions and seals. Many are being rehabilitated for return to the wild. This fun and interesting trip takes 4 1/2 hours. Put on your walking shoes and grab your camera.

Cruise Resurrection Bay

Take the Kenai Fjords Cruise down to Resurrection Bay. Here you’ll see coastal forests, snow-mantled mountains, and many types of glaciers. Watch for humpback whales breaching the water’s surface. The bay is also home to orcas, porpoises, sea lions and seals. Several species of birds – puffins, kittiwakes, auklets, and bald eagles – fly overhead. This relaxing 5-hour cruise features lunch served onboard.

Explore Chichagof Island on an ATV

Experience Alaska’s rugged terrain by driving an ATV on Chichagof Island. Chances are you’ll see a few brown bears. Keep an eye out for bald eagles, land otters, Sitka black-tail deer and red squirrels. You’ll have 75 minutes to drive the trails. Take your time and enjoy the great outdoors.

explore alaska, ddc17, First Financial Security, Inc.Explore the Forest and Enjoy a Tribal Dance

Take a guided tram ride through the Tongass National Forest. Here you’ll meet the Tlingit Indians, who share their culture through tribal dance. Dressed in full regalia, including masks and headdresses, they express their rich history through songs, dance and storytelling.

Go Halibut Fishing in Icy Strait

Go fishing for halibut in Icy Strait, where these giant flatfish feed throughout the summer. You’ll spend 2 ½ hours on the water fishing. A record 440-lb. whopper was caught in Icy Strait, so it’s possible for you to land a 100 pounder.

Ride the World’s Largest Zip-Rider

Looking for the ultimate adventure, then take a ride on the world’s longest zip-line. This exhilarating trip is not for the faint-hearted! The launching platform rises 1,300 ft. above sea level, offering stunning views from all directions. Traveling at speeds up to 60 mph, you’ll zoom along at 300 ft. above the forest. The ride is more than a mile long with a plummeting vertical drop!

explore alaska, whale watching, First Financial SecurityCruise Point Adolphus to Watch Whales and Other Marine Mammals

Large pods of humpback whales live in the waters at Point Adolphus. They breach the water’s surface, waving their flukes before disappearing into the ocean’s depths. This 2 ½-hr. cruise offers amazing sights not to be forgotten.

­­Join the Ocean Rafting Adventure

Outfitted with state-of-the-art gear, you’ll depart for a 2 ½-hr. ocean trek aboard an Adventure Raft. You’ll fly over swells at speeds up to 50 mph en route to Kruzof Island’s volcanic coastline. Enjoy blasts of fresh air from your seat in the open raft. Seabirds will glide by as you take in the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean.

forrest, beauty, explore alaska, walking and hiking trailsTake a Cycling Tour and Forest Walk of Sitka

Explore Sitka during this refreshing cycling tour and forest walk. On the bike tour, your guide will discuss Sitka’s history and natural beauty. You’ll hike through some of the most beautiful landscape that includes a temperate rainforest and waterfalls. This excursion offers great views of Sitka – the mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and Silver Bay.

*Regent Seven Seas has not announced the excursion package for FFS’ DDC17 Alaskan Cruise. There is no guarantee that these excursions will be offered on FFS’ cruise in May 2017. The ones featured in this article represent the types of activities you can expect on an Alaskan cruise.

Visit FFSDDC.com often for the latest news about DDC17’s Alaskan Cruise. We’ll post excursions information as soon as it’s available.