Mexico's Dream Destination Baja California Penisula Dream Destination Conference 2018 Adventure DDC18 FFS

In April 2018, First Financial Security will take 100 of its top associates to Mexico’s dream destination – Baja California Peninsula. Here’s what you can expect.

The Baja California Peninsula is Mexico’s dream destination. Visitors seek out this beautiful region that includes the country’s two most western states for a variety of reasons.

The area’s wines are prized. Its beaches, sport fishing, and incredible diving all have their appeal. History buffs enjoy discovering prehistoric cave paintings found here.

Mexico's Dream Destination Baja California Penisula Sea of Cortez Luxury Resort All-inclusive FFS DDC18

While the Pacific Ocean helps cool things down a bit, the weather here can be sultry and tropical. If you’re visiting and find yourself in need of a refreshing cold beverage, choose a margarita. After all, it was invented in Baja.

Whether you’re visiting to relax on the beach or to find adventure, Baja is the perfect vacation spot.

North, South, East and West

Beautiful, pristine beaches line both of Baja’s coastlines. Surfers favor the Pacific or western coast. With its calmer waters and sandy shores, beach-goers prefer the eastern side.

Mexico's Dream Destination Baja California Peninsula Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Sea of Cortez FFS DDC18

Deserts dominate the central and southern areas. Here you’ll find tall mountains, massive sand dunes, gigantic cacti, dormant volcanoes and some of the world’s finest resorts.

The majority of the Baja population, which is just under 3 million, lives along the northern border. Almost half call the city of Tijuana home. Located in the peninsula’s top corner, its motto is “Tijuana, where the homeland begins.” Here’s another fun fact: Did you know that the Tijuana border is the most crossed international border in the world?

Who Are the People?

Baja is said to be home to the world’s friendliest people. In fact, its citizens are often touted as its most valuable assets. They are genuine, courteous people who are happy to welcome you into their family. There is a willingness to share their culture and offer help, generosity, and friendship.

The official language of Baja is Spanish, but there are many native languages spoken as well. There’s no need to speak Spanish in order to visit Baja. If you know a few words in Spanish, don’t be afraid to use them, even if it’s not perfect. Simply trying will be considered a friendly gesture.

Mexico's Dream Destination Baja California Peninsula San Jose Del Cabo Plaza Mijares 18th Century Spanish Architecture Hyatt Ziva FFS DDC18

Baja California Peninsula is Mexico’s dream destination, with something for everyone. You can relax on the beach or you can dive off a cliff. You can go kayaking or sign up for an off-road adventure. But, you can’t do any of these exciting things if you don’t qualify for Dream Destination Conference 2018.

Check out the contest qualifications and guidelines found in the FFS Agent Back Office >> Contests >> DDC18. Learn how you can experience DDC18, Los Cabos, Mexico.