Sunset near Cabo san Lucas with man and horses. FFSDDC.

If you choose to explore San José Del Cabo, you won’t be disappointed. Resort life has brought change to the popular beach area. Yet, it still retains its quaint charm.

Together, San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are known as Los Cabos. When people talk about the more elegant of the two, they’re most definitely referring to San José. With upscale shopping and fine art galleries, you won’t be disappointed if you choose to explore San José del Cabo. This charming “Old Town” is starting to catch the attention of tourists with their new luxurious resorts.

Twins Aren’t Always Identical

Cabos San Lucas and San José del Cabo may be twin cities, but they are far from identical. Each city has its own unique beauty, history, and community culture that’s developed over time.

Explore San José Del Cabo: Plaza Mijares in San Jose Del Cabo is a site to see during FFS' Dream Destination Conference 2018. DDC18

If you choose to explore San José, you won’t be disappointed. Resort life has brought change to the popular beach area. Yet, you’ll still find cobblestones streets and a church that dates back to the 1700s here. A traditional central square called Plaza Mijares, remains largely untouched in this quiet town.

Dinner Is Served

San José is well known for its many fine restaurants. In fact, it boasts some of the best in the region. Many of them have been converted from large 19th century homes and offer romantic courtyards and undeniable charm.

There’s also a thriving art district that supports the works of talented Mexican and international artists. Why not make a night of it – dinner and gallery hopping? Be sure to check out the Art Walk on Thursday nights in San José. It’s a fabulous way to experience the galleries and learn a little about the artists, too. 

What Can I Do for Fun?

San José del Cabo also has some delightful boutiques and shops. Here you can browse and buy unique handicrafts, clothing, silver, local gemstones and souvenirs.

Explore San José Del Cabo: Shopping in San Jose del Cabo is just one of the things to do during FFS' Dream Destination Conference. DDC18

If shopping isn’t your favorite pastime, San José is also well known for its golf courses. A favorite among travelers is the Palmilla Golf Club, which offers three nine-hole courses.

And, of course, there’s always the beach. Relax under an umbrella while listening to the waves – or ride horses along the shore.

San José del Cabo is a beautiful and peaceful town, offering delicious dining, great sightseeing, unique shopping, and enjoyable nightlife. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like paradise to me!